Glyphs began on paper, in books.

The paper then came out of books, into mixed media work. The glyphs went onto paper into larger format, and also became larger.

arrow-blank (1K) 313-4903-Book-of-Glyphs-150x125 (21K) 312-6122-Split-Infinitives-150x125 (36K) 308-3577-Daphne-150x125 (22K)

arrow-blank (1K)
arrow-blank (1K) 307-3823-Detail-Altarpiece-150x125 (26K) 2908-Re-marking-150x125 (23K)

arrow-blank (1K) arrow-blank (1K)
arrow-blank (1K) image-blank (1K) image-blank (1K) image-blank (1K) arrow-blank (1K)
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